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Learning From Home Primary 1

Cut out the objects and sort/stick them by shape! You can do this using labels or hoops or anything you can think of too!😊 


Enjoy Friday’s experiment! It’s an interesting one!πŸ•Έ 

Have a lovely weekend everyone and well done for all of your super hard work this week!🌟 


Please continue with 3D shapes booklet also!😊


Have a go at identifying and discussing the weather in each picture and cut and paste the appropriate clothing items on each Lego character! 

You can use any colour you like to decorate and make patterns. You can also add any other item of clothing you think your character might need in certain types of weather!β˜€οΈβ„οΈπŸŒ¦πŸŒ¬ 


This can be done on Tuesday and Thursday of this week (week 8) and next week (week 9). There will be no other numeracy tasks uploaded on these days! 

Number work will be uploaded on Monday and Wednesday as normal😊. 


A lovely scavenger hunt and experiment to end another week of home learning!πŸ§‘‍πŸ”¬πŸ‘©‍πŸ”¬πŸ”Ž 

Well done for your great work this week and have a brilliant weekend!🌟

Miss Kealey. 



Imagine you are getting ready for the beach! What items would you bring with you and why? Write a list of everything you might need to take with you!πŸ–


Today is ‘international nurses day’! Here are some colouring sheets you can have fun with to thank our nurses for their dedication and hard work through this unusual time!🌟🌈 

Happy International Nurses Day and have fun colouring! 



Try saying your sounds out loud and tap out each sound as you say it. This will help with your blending! 


Please explain that when the small hand points at a number and the big hand points to 12, the time is ___ o’clock. You can go through each number and even use a clock face to display this by moving the hands!

Ask your child to repeat this by moving the hands and saying aloud ‘1 o’ clock’ etc. 

You could even use the clock face from the previous time activity!😊 


Introducing the equals sign. 

Please explain to your child that we are now using the equals sign to show how many we have ‘altogether’ in our number story. 

They can have a go at writing the symbol as much as they want too! 


Miss Kealey.😊


Please make your child aware that there are 12 numbers on the clock face and explain that the big and small hand represent different things (minute and hour). 

Enjoy your cut and stick task- I cannot wait to see your completed clock faces!⏰ A split pin is not needed. Simply just displaying the hands on the clock is enough! 

We will move onto ‘o’clock’ in the next ‘time’ activity!😊 


Miss Kealey. 


New world around us topic: Splish, Splash, Splosh 

Please ask your child to think of all of the different ways we use water and to consider what would happen if we didn’t have any water! 

On the sheet attached, you can draw a picture in each droplet, showing all the ways we use water.

You can add a word underneath your drawing if you wish or even a sentence! 

Have fun!😊


Try your best with these and do what you can!😊 


You can use a cut out of your own foot for the ‘how many feet’ activity!😊 


We can now introduce the plus sign into our number stories. 

Please explain to your child that we are now replacing the word ‘and’ with the ‘plus’ sign. They can have a go at writing the symbol if they want! 

Remember to encourage your child to touch count, using any concrete material, and use language such as ‘add’, ‘plus’ and ‘how many altogether’.😊


Another scavenger hunt to end another week of home learning! 

Hope you all had the best week and are ready for a lovely, relaxing weekend.😊 You all deserve it!🌟

Have fun! 

Miss Kealey. 


Some revision to follow the ‘day and night’ activity on time (children have already sequenced their daily routine in school). 

Have a go at some of the home learning challenges attached too! 



I have attached some more worksheets for those children who are finding picture addition difficult. There is no need to worry about this! This is very normal as children are being introduced to a completely new concept within numeracy. With more practice they will improve! 

Thanks and try your best! 

Miss Kealey. 


For more help on this, ‘Little Learners, oa words’ on YouTube is great! 

Please do not worry about the joining up of letters/joined handwriting in some of these worksheets. Children should write the sounds individually as they normally do.😊


Children can now begin to use the abstract approach to addition using written numbers! 

Any concrete materials you have at home can still be used to touch count and explain adding sets further.πŸ˜ƒ 


Here are some activities to finish off our world around us topic ‘Let’s Get Growing’. 

Try your best to do what you can! 


Miss Kealey. 


Children are now being introduced to blends! There will be two of these given out each week on a Monday and Wednesday. Please revise these as much as you can! 

For more help on this sound there is a lovely video on YouTube under ‘ai words little learners’ that the children would enjoy.


As children have been introduced to the concept and language of ‘one more’, we can now look at adding pictorially. 

You can use buttons, or any objects that they can use, to touch count with! 

The plus and equals sign aren’t needed just yet! Please focus on emphasising the language and concept of ‘how many altogether’. 

Thanks and have fun!


Another rainbow activity to show gratitude to those who are key workers and are working on the front line in this difficult time.🌟🌈 You are all superheroes!🦸🏼‍β™€οΈπŸ¦ΈπŸΌ

I hope you all had a lovely week and had great fun in that beautiful weather!β˜€οΈWell done for all of your hard work this week.βœοΈπŸ“š 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Miss Kealey. 


Get outdoors in the beautiful weather we are having and have a go at this scavenger hunt!πŸ”ŽπŸŒˆβ˜€οΈ 

Please send pictures to

Have fun! 


Please discuss with your child how they have changed and grown from when they were a baby. Talk about how your child knows they have grown and refer to the stages of growth e.g baby, toddler etc. You could also make a list of changes or features of each stage. 

On the worksheet attached, please place a photo of your child when they were a baby on the left side, if possible, or you can draw. On the right side you can draw a picture of what you look like now, showing how you have changed!😊


Cut and paste sorting activity. 


Please complete a piece of writing on what you did over the Easter Holidays. You can also draw a picture below your sentence.😊

Remember your full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, sounds and froggy legs!✏️


Please discuss the Easter story with your child and complete the sequencing activity attached.
There is a great video on YouTube named ‘The Beginner’s Bible: The Easter Story’ that you can watch to help with this!😊


A great activity for revising key words or words associated with Easter and Spring!πŸ°πŸ£πŸŒΈπŸ¦‹ 


To be completed every Monday. 


A really fun way to revise numbers and make sets using cereal or anything on hand! 
Revise numbers 1-10 and beyond if children find this easy! 


Test these words once a week and keep note of the words your child finds difficult and focus on these as they improve. 

You can write these out also and ask your child to tap out each sound using a dot under each letter. 

Encourage children to blend the sounds together to make each word. 


‘I Spy’ game. Can you find something beginning with:
j, v, w, y, z (refer to document attached).
Encourage children to say the sound aloud and even write it out. 


‘I Spy’ game. Can you find something beginning with:
e, u, r, h, b, f, l (refer to document attached).
Encourage children to say the sound aloud and even write it out.


‘I Spy’ game. Can you find something beginning with:
m, g, d, o, c, k (refer to document attached). 
Encourage children to repeat the sound aloud and even write it down.


We use this Brain Break within our classroom and the children love it! Great for re-energising and staying focused on home learning tasks. 


‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ allows children to rehearse essential reading skills; match letters to sounds; blend and segment; revise their tricky words and read full sentences. 

Some links to the app:


‘I Spy’ game.

Can you find something beginning with:
s, a, t, p, i, n (refer to document attached). 
Encourage children to say the sound aloud and even write it down.