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St Finlough's Primary School Sistrakeel

Safeguarding & Child Protection

We in St Finlough’s P.S., have a responsibility for the safeguarding and child protection of the children in our care and we will carry out this duty by providing a caring, supportive and safe environment, where each child is valued for his or her unique talents and abilities, and in which all our young people can learn and develop to their full potential. 

The following principles form the basis of our Child Protection Policy.
• It is a child’s right to feel safe at all times, to be heard, listened to and taken seriously.
• We have a pastoral responsibility towards the children in our care and should take all reasonable steps to ensure their welfare is safeguarded and their safety is preserved.
• In any incident the child’s welfare must be paramount, this overrides all other considerations.
• A proper balance must be struck between protecting children and respecting the rights and needs of parents and families; but where there is conflict the child’s interest must always come first.

The following are members of the school’s Safeguarding Team
• Chair of the Board of Governors: Dr. Shaun Roddy
• Designated Governor for Child Protection: Dr. Shaun Roddy
• Principal: Mrs L. Lagan
• Designated Teacher: Miss G. Herron
• Deputy Designated Teacher: Mrs. Louise Laga

  • Mrs. F. Patton is also on the Safeguarding Team