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St Finlough's Primary School Sistrakeel

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM)


STEM’ is a government initiative aimed at promoting children and young people’s engagement with Science, Technology, Engineering (which includes ICT) and Mathematics. The government has identified STEM-related industries as being critical to the future competitiveness and prosperity of the UK. Northern Ireland’s ability to compete in the global market will more and more depend on having a supply of talented and skilled people entering into STEM-related careers.

STEM has become an educational priority in Ireland and the UK as well as across the rest of Europe. The ’Report of the STEM Review’ (DE and DEL, September 2009) highlights the importance of developing these areas. The review has defined its vision for STEM as: “empowering future generations through science, technology, engineering and mathematics to grow a dynamic, innovative economy.” It is therefore essential that our schools spark pupils’ interest in these subjects.

At St. Finlough's PS, we feel that it is also important to highlight the links between school-based learning and the world of work. The overall aim is to encourage increasing numbers of our pupils, and girls in particular, to go on to further and higher education in STEM-related areas. ‘STEM in education begins with the early development of mathematical and scientific ideas in pre-school education which are built upon in primary and post primary education... Throughout, pupils are provided not only with knowledge of the subjects, but also develop investigative and problem-solving skills and an understanding of their application in the real world and their impact upon society.’